Fur Storage & Care


Caring for your fur

Congratulations on choosing fur!  You own a beautiful natural product that happens to be the most sustainable and environmentally sound choice for outerwear.  Feel great about your decision.  Now let’s talk about taking care of it. With the right upkeep, your fur garments will remain fashionable and look beautiful for decades.  Your fur needs you to take care of it.  And it’s simple

Professional Cleaning

You must CLEAN and CONDITION your fur.  CLEANING removes dirt and harmful particles that can damage your fur.  CONDITIONING adds moisture to the pelts, keeping your fur lustrous, supple, soft and fabulous.  Even if you did not wear your fur often, CLEANING and CONDITIONING are vital to its beauty and longevity.

Store Your Fur

In the summer don’t ignore it, COLD STORE IT!  Get your fur OUT of your closet and INTO our vault.  It needs colder temperatures, regulated humidity and protection from insects.  Your home may be clean and cool, but it’s NOT a fur vault.

Fur Restyling

What if you’re no longer in love with the fur?  What if you inherited a fur that doesn’t fit?  What do you do when the fur outlives the style?  We can recycle, restyle and reinvent that fur and make it something you will love to wear again!  Vests, reversible jackets, knitted fur, throws, pillows, teddy bears – these are just some of the possibilities to give your fur new life and purpose.

Our Fur Services

Our services help you prevent unnecessary deterioration by storing and conditioning your garments every spring. Protect your valuables by storing them in our state-of-the-art climate controlled facilities.   Our vault offers: Temperature control, Humidity management, Insect protection, and Security. Our vault is housed on-location so you will never have to worry about your fur being shipped or transported. We also store leather, wool, or any other fine fabric garments.

  • Cold Storage & Fur Care
  • Conditioning
  • Restying